Monday, May 3, 2010

Show Me Your Papers!

Regarding what’s going on in Arizona right now, I agree that identification should be asked for if someone is in "violation of the law." Unfortunately, that is not how this bill has been written. Under the current bill authorities have the right to request identification from an individual they FEEL have "reasonable suspicion" that the person in question is in this country illegally. This leaves the law open to too much individual interpretation. What exactly does a person have to be doing (other then climbing over a fence at the boarder) that qualifies them as behaving in a manner which leads one to suspect they are an illegal immigrant? There is absolutely no way this law can be enforced without enacting racial profiling or violating the equal protection for search and seizure laws under the constitution. People are required to have an ID to drive, and should be asked to produce their license if they are not obeying the law. This law is much broader however, and has implications that go far beyond driving behavior alone. If one looks deeper at the specifics of this bill, it becomes arguably harder to justify its constitutionality.

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