Friday, April 29, 2011

Explaining Extreme Weather Patterns of the Last Year

If I were a religious man I might attribute all the extreme weather our country has experienced this last year to the fact that God is angry at those who refuse to listen to logic and deny global climate change is occurring because it interferes with their political agenda (making profits at the expense of the environment). Not being one who's easily overcome by spiritual narcissism or credulity however, I'd have to say that it more likely has to do with the fact that the earth is 1.5 degrees warmer that it has historically been which has caused there to be 5% more moisture in the atmosphere, thus causing the extreme weather patterns. Unfortunately, with the temperature expected to get 5.4 degrees warmer by 2050 it's only going to get worse - MUCH WORSE!!!

For more information on what the world is expected to look like in the next four decades, check out this article:

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