Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Discovery of the 13th Sign!

What are all those people going to do who had their astrology sign permanently tattooed on their bodies now that they've discovered 13th sign? Might as well have gotten a "dumbass" tattoo instead. LOL! =]

This just in - turns out the 13th sign is actually Geico the gecko!!! LOL!!!

Turns out, the zodiac killer killed all the wrong people. That guy has egg all over his face!

Everything's changed! Nothing's changed! The discovery IS the 13th Colony!!! It's Earth!!! Come back to Earth (ie: "reality") before it's too late!!! LOL!

In all seriousness, the 13th Zodiac sign is actually called Ophiuchus. This is not new news though. Astronomers have known about it since about 130 B.C. Apparently people didn't like the idea of the Ophiuchus so they "eliminated" it. Maybe they didn't like the number 13 or something? It's completely compatible with the philosophy of unreason though - if you don't like something, just pretend it doesn't exist!  Brilliant!

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